thevolumesofamity asked:
What sources/tweaks did you use for the Shady Chicago theme

I used Convergance and the Patience lockhtml widget on the lockscreen. Available on the stock repos and the widget is available on the creators twitter account, or you can search /r/iosthemes. Homescreen consists of Mandolino icon theme with ColorBadges and Apex 2 as well as DockShift. Mandolino can be found at Control Center is the Infinity Script CC, Uniformity, and EqualizerEverywhere. All available on stock repos except Infinity Script — it’s a paid beta but should be released soon-ish. Music Player is from Aria and CustomCover. The cover image is available on /r/iosthemes. Otherwise check the stock repos for those tweaks. Messages is a product of MessagesCustomiser and Android Messages theme. Stock repos and /r/iosthemes again. Status Bar has Cloaky to hide elements and change date format. NowPlayingStatusBar to show if music is playing and the icon is in an icon pack. All on stock repos. That should be everything, any other questions I’ll be happy to answer.

ctrlperk asked:
I really like the shady Chicago theme ( I think that's what it's called) on your iPhone. I tried looking for it or themes like it on cydia but I can't find it did you use a different source?

I used Mandolino as an icon theme. It’s available on

And thank you! I take pride in putting together very thorough and complete set-ups/themes.

fnckdean asked:
Hey I'm sorry to bother you but I'm just wondering... How did you jailbreak your phone?

No problem! Initially I used Evasion because I had iOS 7.0.6. However I rejailbroke using the 7.1.x jailbreak by Pangu. I would suggest going on /r/jailbreak for direct download links to the official software as well as FAQs and comprehensive guides. Any other questions I would be happy to answer!

I’ve never been this happy before. It feels nice.

salarnanders asked:
Do you listen to andrew Jackson jihad?

I’ve started to based on a recommendation.


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